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Intel UHD 630 several issues on Mojave

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Hello everyone. Recently I've switched from NVIDIA 1060 to UHD 630 and updated to Mojave (10.14.4). I use WhateverGreen to enable my iGPU and to disable eGPU. It works pretty cool but there are two issues.


First issue

I have strange artifacts while booting macOS. When I connect my monitor via DVI it looks like that.

And when I connect my monitor via HDMI (basically it is different monitor) it looks like that.

It is the only bug I have while using iGPU for a long time, it is not critical, but I'm just curious whether it can be fixed.


Second issue

This one is more critical. When I perform dual monitor booting (first - Dell via DVI, second - Samsung via HDMI), in the middle of the booting Dell monitor switches off, but Samsung remains working okay (I've tried both CSM enabled and disabled). Mac detects both of them, but Dell is showing black screen until I reconnect it. Then they both works just fine.


My system configuration:

macOS: 10.14.4
Mobo: Asus Prime Z370-A
CPU: Intel Core i5-8600k
GPU: Intel UHD 630 & Asus GeForce GTX 1060 Dual 6GB (installed but disabled by WhateverGreen)


I attach my EFI folder, thanks in advance!


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