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Mojave i9 9960x Problems


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Hi everyone,


First time hacking and first time posting, so go easy.


I have followed the KGP x299 install guide using a couple of kexts from a similar build using a 9980xe.


At this point 10.14.4 loads, however it's buggy to say the least. Here are the two major problems so far:

- USB seems to bee confused. Typing often results in double letters. Backspace will sometimes deleter entire lines. While typing, the special character box pops up. Often left click will register as right clicking. I believe it is a USB problem because I can remote in through OSx screen share and the keyboard and mouse work fine.

- I think that the system is not reading my CPU correctly. The system is significantly laggy. Animations are mostly non-existant. Activity monitor shows a large amount of random activity. The system freeze anytime I place stress on the system (Geekbench or long FCPx render). Also, HWMonitor list the first 9 cpus, then starts listing the CPUs with letter or other descriptors. To top that off, HWMonitor shows 15 cores (Activity Monitor shows 16 cores, 32 threads).


I've done all the research I can, but no dice so far. 


Thanks for your help!




Gigabyte Designare EX x299

i9 9960x

Vega 56


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