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WTK: Help With Spinning Wheel after 10.4.8 Update


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I have been running 10.4.7 for a few weeks now on a Compaq 510 P4 2.6 GHZ SSE2 PC.


Audio, network and everything else is working, so far so good.


Today I installed the 10.4.8 JAS Intel SSE2 only update. After rebooting, the machine logs in normally with the cursor on the screen until an item is selected. Once an icon (or anything else) is selected, I get the spinning rainbow wheel. This remains until reboot and nothing will stop it.


I can boot safe and the machine is fine. Booting -x -v doesn't provide any indicators of what is failing. The console reports nothing either.


The disk & permissions were repaired and verified - no difference.


To the best of my knowldege, nothing else happened unless the 10.4.8 update went bad but reported nothing. I'm doing the update again to see what happens.


Looking for suggestions.


FYI - the 10.4.8 reinstall did nothing.


Does booting safe use an alternate kernel?

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