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    • By n.d.k
      After several weeks of testing OC bootloader,  disecting its source code and also Clover's source code as well, I finally switch from Clover to OC as my main bootloader. Wait! don't get the wrong idea that OpenCore is better than Clover. They both work equally well, producing a bootable macOS as an end result with simliar boot time. OC design direction is different with Clover, I believe it's not intended as a Clover replacement, but more narrowing down to macOS specifically. However, macOS is not the only OS that i am using, so, i decided to add some minimal necessary source code modification to the OC to get some of the features I need. I like to share my customized OC forked https://github.com/n-d-k/OpenCorePkg , you have to compile it yourself if you want, i will not provide pre build binary.    
      Additional features:
       - Hotkey W to boot directly to first available Windows boot entry from either auto scanner or custom entries. (Hold down W to boot Windows OS directly).
       - Auto boot to last booted OS entry (if Misc->Security->AllowSetDefault is NO/false).
       - No verbose apfs.efi driver loading (if using apfs.efi instead of ApfsDriverLoader.efi).
       - Avoid duplicated entry in boot menu, cusstom entry will not be added to boot menu if the same entry already found by auto scanner.
       - Ability to change entry name found by auto scanner by adding custom entry with the exact same device path.
       - Compile with latest edk2.
       - NvmExpressDxe driver build script are also available for system without native nvme support. (Compatible with OC and Clover).
       - ACPI patches is now optional for non macOS with setting ACPI->Quirks->EnableForAll to yes (default is no).
       - *Fixed the unmatched 1st and 2nd stages boot Apple logo (* To ensure a match, set Misc->Boot->Resolution to match with one in macOS preferences, and to better boot menu text visibility for 4k+ display, set Misc->Boot->ConsoleMode to Max).
       - macOS Recovery/Tools Entries are hidden by default, use Spacebar in Boot Menu as a toggle on/off to show/hide hidden entries.
       - Individual custom entry can now be set hidden using Misc->Entries->Item 0->Hidden. (Boolean).
       - Booter Quirks only apply to macOS.
       - Custom entries are now listed first in picker menu and by the orders they are appeared in Misc->Boot->Entries, before all other entries.
       - Improved Hotkeys successful rate.
       - SMBIOS and Device Properties patches are now only applied to macOS.
       - Boot Entry Index key 1- 9 can be used as a Hotkey in addition to previous hotkeys implementation to boot directly to that entry and skip the picker menu showing process
      For best multi boot experience, turn off ShowPicker and use hotkeys w and x to switch between Windows and macOS, and option key to bring up the boot menu if needed.
       - To build OpenCore, run "./ndk-macbuild.tool" at Terminal (require Xcode and Xcode Command Line Tool installed, and open xcode to accept license agreement before compiling).
       - To build NvmExpressDxe driver, run "./buildnvme.sh".
      * The fix is by setting the screen resolution before starting the apple boot.efi image back to the setting of the Misc->Boot->Resolution, where the setting of Misc->Boot->ConsoleMode doesn't have the same resolution as screen resolution setting.
    • By valueimagery
      I have almost succesfully converted from Clover to OpenCore 0.5.4 following this Vanilla Guide by khronokernel
      Just an issue with the ethernet intelmausiethernet.kext injecting...
      SOLVED - the sample plist default kernel entry for Ethernet BOOLEAN is NO.  I changed to the kext name correctly, but oversaw to make the simple change to YES!
      OC 0.5.4
      OSX 10.15.2
      ASUS Rog Maximus X Code Bios v2203 (uses Intel® I219V)
      i7 8700k w/ AMD RX 580 Sapphire Nitro+ SE
      The latest kext is in my EFI/OC/Kexts folder with the other latest kexts that have loaded properly.  It seems to be entered correctly in the config.plist like the other latest kexts.  But the service is inactive and there is no Ethernet connection.  Airport works fine.
      I ran kextstat in terminal and could confirm that the kext was not loaded. Nor did en0 report anything with IoRegistryExplorer
      The only way I was able to get ethernet to work was by manually installing the kext into the L/E/ folder via ##### and after reboot.
      I can confirm ethernet is now working and reports as loaded with kextstat, and the device populates in IoRegistryExplorer.
      I know ##### sn't the proper way to install kexts so reaching out for some advice if I've done anything wrong with my config.plist
      Possibly an issue with OC version 0.5.4? I know everything is still BETA.
      Attached is my EFI folder with serial removed
    • By DarkAlex97
      Hi guys i just installed Catalina using Open Core. Everything is working except audio. I tried to install the os multiple times chaning some parameters but nothing.
      I followed this guide: https://khronokernel-2.gitbook.io/opencore-vanilla-desktop-guide/
      I'm pretty sure the problem is here:
      Maybe i'm setting a wrong layout-id? Am i missing something?
      I tried different layouts (1 and 11) (the one in the picture above is 11) https://github.com/acidanthera/applealc/wiki/supported-codecs
      Here's the content of the USB:
      And here's the config.plist i'm using https://pastebin.com/2QBpqafb
      My hardware:
      CPU: intel i7 8700k
      GPU: integrated intel hd630
      RAM: Corsair ddr4 16GB (2x8)
      Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E -> Audio: Realtek S1220A
      Any help is much appreciated :3
    • By kylon
      Cloud Clover Editor is an open source application that allows you to manage the configuration of various Hackintosh Bootloaders.

      Open Cloud Clover Editor
      Cloud Clover Editor Wiki
      Cloud Clover Editor Sources
      Supports Clover EFI, Ozmosis, Chameleon, OpenCore GUI and Text Editor Mode CCE Bank Mobile friendly and more...  
      Officially supported browsers
      Chrome 42+ Microsoft Edge 14+ Firefox 39+ Safari 10+ Opera 29+ Opera Mobile 12+ Chrome for Android 75+ Firefox for Android 67+  
      mackie100 - took some ideas from his app Clover EFI dev team Eric Slivka - new serial number Virtual1 - new serial number cecekpawon - PHP 5.3.3 patch, , help with the ACPI Loader Mode flag and more Micky1979 - Clover flying editor  (Discontinued) crusher. - Help with the ACPI Loader Mode flag Download-Fritz - Help with the ACPI Loader Mode flag Pavo - Ozmosis fields and values stehor - Ozmosis fields and values Sherlocks - General help and support gujiangjiang - General help and support  
      Please let me know if i forgot you!