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Fix display port on 8470p hiress and 8570p hiress

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That's kind of ancient and obsolete as a method. Why don't you post the (binary?) patch details to be used as on-the-fly patches win Clover?

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    • By RagK
      Hey , I have installed MacOS Mojave on my desktop
       I am facing issue in which the front pane USB ports on my cpu are working only after a reboot.
      When I start my PC after a shut down the USB ports docent seem to work as USB pen drive is not detected 
      Please Help
    • By RagK
      Hey I am running Mojave on my Desktop
      I am facing this issue after I open AppStore Can't connect to App Store
      I am using USB Tethering from an android phone after installing HoRNDIS-9.2
      Also I wrote this Post on my Mac so there is no problem of internet 
      I have also added this screenshot .
      Please Help to your fullest ! 

    • By Logitech 96
      Buondì, dopo forse 45-50 tentativi e varie guide seguite, mi vedo costretto a chiedere aiuto dato che non sono riuscito neppure a vedere la schermata di installazione 
      Per iniziare, la configurazione su cui sto tentando di avviare l'installazione è quella di un HP pavilion 595 p0006nl:
      -i5 8400 
      -scheda madre hp-lincs 843b
      -gtx 1050
      -8gb di ram
      Il blocco avviene sempre nello stesso punto, ho provato altre cartelle EFI prese qua e la ma addirittura con alcune va in kernel panic... al momento ho vt-d e secure boot disabilitato, il bios è molto semplice ed altre opzioni non sono disponibili (neppure la iGPU, posso usare solo gpu dedicate)
      Lascio in allegato il dsdt su ultimo bios e cartella efi
      origin DSDT.zip
    • By End3rPower50
      Hi, i've installed on my pc MacOS Mojave but after installation my pc, sometimes, crash giving kernel panic.
      I came to the conclusion that it is a random kernel panic because sometimes it starting up and other times it isn't starting up
      My PC:
      CPU: Intel i7 6500U
      LAN: RTL8100
      Wi-Fi & Bluetooth: Dell DW1820A
      USB 3.1
    • By End3rPower50
      Hi, i want to buy "Broadcom bcm94350zae" for my laptop
      is this compatible with macOS Mojave?