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Vulkan on macOS

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It's a pity Apple stops developing OpenGL on macOS restricted on version 2.1 which is not enough to launch windows games DX10-11-12 in wine.

There is new interface Metal which is 64bits only. So we can start DX9 games using OpenGL, and we can start DX10/11/12 games using a bridge DX->Vulkan->Metal but only if the game is 64bits.

To do this we need

1. Wine engine with Vulkan support. There is WS9WineSherry64Bits4.2vk-28 uploaded in the forum.

Binary releases and tests

2. Install MoltenVK SDK into your system.

3. Install DXVK (latest) into your wrapper using winetricks.

There are still bugs and missing features so not every game will work. There is fast developement and I hope in nearest future more games will be supported.

Here I will upload unofficial updates for vulkan packages. Test, please!



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Posted (edited)

Sounds interesting! So you say, it could be possible to get CS:GO (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Source_(game_engine)) running on macOS in "Windows mode (DX)" instead of using its OpenGL version which is less performant? It seems to use DX7-9.

The OpenGL version of Source is something on top of the DX version that makes it run on Linux and Mac. Maybe if we launch the DX version with Metal bridge it gives better frame rates!

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No need to install the MoltenVK development kit since libMoltenVK.dylib is being provided.


To use DXVK you need to use winetricks to install vulkan runtime/sdk into the prefix.

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My DXVK compilation with few improvements

Place into c:/windows/system32/ and then go to Config Utility (winecfg) to set these libraries native.

Or run the script


This is original linux script. I am not sure if it works in macOS.


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