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Framebuffer patching: Lenovo X240 with Ultra Dock - need help please

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I am having issues with my X240 setup.
Basically I am using a mix of the original x240.aml file, but ignored some parts like USB.
I go with these hot patch files only:
#include "SSDT-XOSI.dsl"
#include "SSDT-BAT.dsl"
#include "SSDT-KBD.dsl"
#include "SSDT-ALS0.dsl"

Most of the stuff is proper working, but I want to use my Lenovo dock.
My 2 Problems:

  1. the Laptop display is NOT showing as internal
  2. The HDMI output is working, BUT I can't boot with HDMI connected. I must connect HDMI after the system booted.

USB isn't setup fully, will do this later with a separate SSDT.

How can I fix this please?

Thanks in advance



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Thanks! I am using that tool already, but the internal display stays external, doesn't matter what I do.

And I got the HDMI working, but the system crashes while booting with plugged in HDMI cable is bad

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