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MacOS Mojave on i5 520m (arrandale)

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So i am trying to boot the MacOS Mojave (10.14.3)
and i am not able to boot the installer because it shuts down my laptop after a few secconds(after the second picture it shuts down instant and it reboots)
i will attach pictures and my clover folder.


I am not sure if the 520m can boot Mojave because i am a bit confused about all the information in this forum:


(Laptop is a Toshiba Tecra A11 - 11J (i5 520m 4gb ddr3, 320gb hdd))



photo_2019-02-17_21-04-51 (2).jpg



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added a video

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Intel Arrandale i5-520M is SSE4.1/SSE4.2 capable and therefore compatible with Mojave. It's the integrated 1st gen Intel HD that is not compatible. Stick to High Sierra on that laptop...

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No, it's PCIe (PCI Express, obviously in mini form): it's clearly indicated and if you lookup the Intel model you have on Wikidevi.com, you'll see the details.


Generally speaking, mini PCI was last fitted to laptops of the Pentium M/chipset 910GM/915GM/ICH6 era, i.e. about 15yrs ago... You said "a old notebook" but if this was your Arrandale Toshiba, it could only be PCIe. Thereafter, card could be full mini-PCIe or half mini-PCIe and, if Wikidevi will be very explicit on that front.


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