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High Sierra womp option missing in sandy bridge


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I want to enable WOL (wake on Lan)

I have tested WOL and its runing well on MS Win 10 and Debian 9, but no in H.S. or Mojave

Now I runs H.S. and I have some missing options in my hack:

In power saver panel "wake fron network access" and "power nap" are missing

In pmset output womp value is missing.

Everything is working fine: audio, video, network,  sleep, wake from sleep, spped step (with SSDT generated) but Wake On Lan refuses work

I have tried various patchs and network kexts without lucky



Asrock P67 Pro3 LGA 1155, Intel core i-3 2120, Geforce gt740, Realteck ALC892, Realteck 8111E, 2x 4 DDR 3 HyperX RAM, 1x 250 Crucial SSD + 1x 1000G WD Blue SATA




Captura de pantalla 2019-01-14 a las 20.20.57.png


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