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Attaching USB flash drive causes High Sierra VM to freeze

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Using Windows 10 OS, 64-bit on 2 very similar PCs, both with Intel socket 1155 CPUs, and both with 32 GBs of RAM - 1 PC has an Intel Core i7 CPU (4 cores/8 threads) and 2nd one has an Intel i5 (4 cores/threads).

Using latest VMware Workstation version 15.0.2 on one, 15.0.1 on the other PC. Lots of RAM free.


I have multiple Mac VMs on both - one of 10.8, 10.9 -- then all up to latest macOS Mojave.

On the 2 High Sierra (10.13.6) VMs, trying to attach a 8 GB USB flash drive to the VM causes an instant hard lock/freeze of the VM. Only way out is to do a forced Reset of the VM.

Interestingly, attaching the USB drive to older macOS Sierra and newer macOS Mojave works fine.

The VM version for problem VMs is set to Workstation 10.x.

My Mojave VMs are set to Workstation 15.x but I dare not update the High Sierra VM as the last times I did that the VM failed totally.


Any ideas why the USB attach causes a freeze? Any ways to fix?


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