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Rehabman's FakeSMC fork and fan readings

Lord Kamina

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On this hackintosh I assembled a while ago for an acquaintance I was using kozlek's fakesmc, where I was getting two fan readings (CPU and one mainboard). Although not optimal (the computer has like 8 fans), it was something.

Yesterday I replaced FakeSMC and its plugins for the latest releases of Rehabman's fork and they most work pretty well (yay Polaris sensors), but now I'm only getting one fan reading.


I've got a custom DSDT and SSDTs also but I don't think (or at least I don't remember) whether I actually did something for the fans on the SSDTs.


I was hoping if somebody could point me at where should I look/read for what should I try changing on the FakeSMC/ACPISensors plists and/or SSDTs in order to try and get a better result. I saw some mentioned around of using ACPIDebug.kext but I'm not familiar with (keep in mind, before now I hadn't touched this computer since roughly mid-2017)

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