Hi all, I started working on this pc during last days and finally, it's working.      Specs: Intel i3 550 - 3.20Ghz Ram: 4GB Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 710M. (Integrated works with LiLu + WhateverGreen, but I couldn't get full display resolution). WiFi: TL-WN727N (rev 03) Motherboard: MSI 2a9c. (no UEFI)   1) Creating bootable Mojave USB.   To create a Mojave USB installer, I red the apple wiki, works just fine.   2) Installing Clover.   Clover must be installed in Legacy Mode. See the screenshot above for installation.   3) Copying necessary kext into clover and add config.plist.   We will need those kexts (download "kexts" in attachments):   -VirtualSMC  -com.apple.telemetry.plugin (I extracted the kext from high Sierra) -NullCPUPowerManagement -USBInjectAll   Just copy them into EFI://Clover/kexts/Other/.   Warning: only copy LiLu and WhatEvergreen only if you're booting with integrated graphics.   Now, download config.plist in attachments and replace with clover's default.   Note 1: I used SMBIOS from iMac 13.3 because using 11.2 block the installer, as the iMac 11.2 doesn't officially support Mojave. You can change it to 11.2 whenever you want post-install.   Note 2: The default boot flags are "-no_compat_check -v". This allow to boot normally. Without the first bootflag, we should obtain a message that says "This version of MacOS is not supported on this platform".   4) Booting and installing.   Now, just boot and install. I selected Guid partition map and APFS file system.   5) Installing WiFi   just download any version of BearExtender (make sure to follow the instructions in the package) and install the kext RT2870USBWirelessDriver.kext which I attached under "wifi.zip".   6) Installing Audio   To make the audio works, I just installed VoodooHDA. Just pick the last version of it from here and install (I prefer kext utility), then, repair the permissions and reboot.     many thanks to @Baio77 and @Hervé, who helped me during the first phase. config.plist.zip kexts.zip wifi.zip