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Clover black screen

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After many different tutorials I ended up giving in to not having Mac OS on my pc (about 17 different tutorials throughout 2018 and about 2-7 days attempting for each one I ended up on a tutorial that had a clover download from here and from searching up about the dreaded black screen right after selecting Mac OS partition from clover I found out many forums about this came from here so I thought I’d give these forums a shot. 


Followed a tutorial and was all excited when clover booted (those previous tutorials lead to clover not booting at all) and was yet again showered with disappointment when I selected Mac OS boot partition the screen went black and nothing would happen at all unless I hit the bios reset/restart whatever it’s called 


Gigabyte B250-HD3

i5 7400

Gigabyte GTX 1060 3gb 

(can’t find model information on ram, I’m not very tech savvy and if I open my case a whole lot of cables will fall out)

not very forum savvy either

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There is no support for your nVidia GTX 1060 in Mojave. It's a high-end card of the Pascal generation and these cards require the nVidia WebDriver. Unfortunately, Apple has not validated nVidia's WebDriver for Mojave, so there's none. As such, you have to either run exclusively on the Intel HD 630 iGPU, fit a different graphics card supported in Mojave (eg: nVidia Kepler, AMD GCN1.0 and later) or stick to High Sierra which supports your GTX 1060.


Your i5-7400 being KabyLake, you may have to apply tricks or special settings to get the HD630 working properly.


By all means, post a zipped copy of your Clover EFI folder so that we have a look at it.


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