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Installation in dead loop - HP130@1d130000: AppleUSBHostPort::interruptOccureed

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Try to install 10.13.6 and it appeared entering into a dead loop. 


I guess I need to disable GF 610M but this can't be achieve by BIOS. Already got SSDT by pressing F4 and save files in Patched folder. Unfortunately I am too new to proceed. 





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No wonder you have trouble, your Clover setup is a mess. And where did you get the idea of throwing all those kexts at the system from???


Here, try this instead...



Optimus is not supported on Hackintosh so you cannot have dual GPU working, only either/or. Nvidia GT610M is Femi GF119 so would be poorly supported or not not supported at all under High Sierra. As such, you'll have to rely only on the integrated HD3000 iGPU. I've tried to disable the dGPU in DSDT along other patches (like USB ports).

For ALC269 audio, you'll have to try the various layouts supported by AppleALC until you obtain the best results. AppleALC works with vanilla AppleHDA so no VoodooHDA. here.



AzureWave AW-NE785H is based on Atheros AR9285 chip and therefore requires an ACPI patch declaring compatibility with supported chips such as Atheros AR9280 or AR9380 to work. You'll have to post an IOReg extract (saved output from IOREgistryExplorer app) for us to identify the associated device and apply the patch.



An extracted IOReg will also allow to identify other hardware accessories such as LAN, SD card reader, etc.


All in all, I just do not comprehend why you post such a new post after all the stuff I gave you on the other one. I guess it's time to stop. Good luck with the rest of your endeavour.



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I used your provided EFI and removed ssdt.aml, successfully installed 13.6. If not removed ssdt.aml, installation will hail at screen of "Trying to Shadow VBIOS..."


How 13.6 works on my laptop:



Wifi/Lan/sound/Full Fn function except brightness adjustment/ 



Can't wake up from sleep;

No brightness adjustment

No battery volume shown

USB 3.0 not work


I downloaded a disk image from internet, replaced your provided 12.5 EFI, stuck. And then I used the default config. plist which is said to be working for most computer. That's why it didn't show your adjustment - I don't quite understand the parameters so perhaps default is the best for me. 


I guess I should have more basis understanding before I try to ask for help. Thanks for everything. 


Now I will try to research and complete here. 


Again, thanks for helping! 

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