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[SOLVED] Help Updating Optiplex 755 MT EFI-Folder for HighSierra (El-Capitan working)

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i would like to update my running El-Capitan-EFI-Folder for newly installing High-Sierra.

But when booting there is stuck at "+++++++++++++++++++"


It`s a Dell Optiplex 755 MT Desktop-System with two Memory-Sticks at Slot 1 and 2.

Below You can see my EFI-Folder, it
- is updated to Clover v4844
- is optimized for HD5450 graphics
- includes preboot.log and
- "origin"-Folder
- boots ElCapitan perfectly (IMHO)

- has already newest Lilu- and AppleALC-kexts

May someone give me advice what to change / add / remove / ... to get a working EFI-Folder for Installing HighSierra?

Many thanks!


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@osxosxosx, if this is the Intel E6850-based Optiplex 755 you posted about at OSXL too, same answer: it does not meet the minimum CPU requirements for macOS Sierra and beyond (SSE4 instruction set). E6850 is Conroe so the buck stops at El Capitan unless you upgrade your CPU to a Penryn generation model like, say, a Wolfdale.


/!\ Always post your system's specs (ideally in signature), you'll save precious time and avoid wasting ours.


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