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Hi can someone sort my usb sound I think it usb X but can't get it working

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That package installer will install a preferance pane and the necesary kexts. Make sure to click on customize before you install and pick the top option for UEFI (I install the classic option along with it too) For BIOS insall the middle one. Restart you currently deaf mute wannatosh to find a working sound system with extra pref pane to customize your audio. 


Pro tip - actually choose the right output in the normal sound pref pane....Still have issues? clear the caches, repair permissions

hi the package is not offering any options at install have I got the right package  voodooHDA 2.8.8.pkg the problem I seem to be having is audio stutter on all audio devices including built-in audio and various usb devices  including a presonus firebox usb and a line 6 helix. not sure what it is but everything else works

dan’s iMac.ioreg

I don't what you're running for hardware but its most likely an XHCI kext or  an updated USBInjectall.kext you're missing. Unless you can see it as an option for it in your sound settings it's a USB kext problem.  Have you looked for proprietary drivers for the usb audio?  If it's m-audio or an mbox or any other pro audio gear you'll definitely need the device specific drivers.  


You said it's stutterting as well so it could just be a stability issue with your build.  are you using whatever green?  thats for display and video but the graphics acceleration should help sort this out.


PS- check the cable....80% of the time its the cable

Heads up.


Dell just released a new BIOS update alongside the Apple update which completely broke my Hackintosh and I couldn't boot any of my clover USB sticks.   Even VMware took some meddling with to open OS X.  Avoid it if you can but the changes Apple made in the 10.14.3 patch will probably give you trouble.  I got going again by doing a clean install with the latest updates so it may be easier to do that.

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