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Gigabyte z270X Aorus Gaming 5 Update to High Sierra


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Hello there.

I have an Gigabyte z270X Aorus Gaming 5 and i made my Hackintosh via this tutorial:
This one

My question is:
May i need to do it again from the beginning if i want to upgrade the OS?


If there is any method to do it over the installed OS would be great


My intention is to update to High Sierra for the moment.

I hope someone can help me with it.

Thanks in advance.


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26 minutes ago, Hervé said:

You can simply install High Sierra as a fresh install over your existing OS X/macOS installation. All your apps and files will be retained and you'll gain an upgraded Hackintosh.

Hello and thanks for your response.

So you mean i need only to make a new usb with High Sierra and reinstall the new OS over the older one, or do it inside the OS downloading High Sierra into it?

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1 minute ago, Hervé said:

You may try after the direct download. It normally works with Clover. Failing that, the Fresh install overwrite will do just fine.

Sorry for being asking so much.

I can´t fully understand what you are trying to say...

You mean... after i download the new High Sierra OS from the AppStore and installing it right before Clover normally covers the OS in that situation and would be ready to go, if that fails i will need to install it from an USB drive with High Sierra and do a fresh installation over the older one keeping all my data and Apps....

Am i right? Is that what you are trying to say? 

Thanks again.

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2 hours ago, Hervé said:

You download the High Sierra installation package/app off Apple/AppStore.

You may then run the app and attempt to upgrade directly.

Or you built a fresh High Sierra installer with the app you've just downloaded and proceed with a fresh installation of High Sierra over your existing OS X/macOS installation/partition.


If opting for the 1st option, it may be wise to prepare a USB Installer beforehand nevertheless, "just in case"...


Okay thanks now i understand i will try ASAP and post my results here

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