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Unfortunately, yeah. Take a look above in the original photos and look at the last two. FEom what I have been seeing about Pantheon they are still at least a year out in development since they are still in pre-alpha. By then I will probably have the time/money to upgrade the case to allow for a full size card. 

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9 hours ago, millusions said:



should be able to find a cheap one nowdays


i have a 1070 in my Xbox Killa build, it's a beast (for now)

Yeah I have seen that card mentioned in other builds similar to mine but think that it may be too tall. This case really limits what it can accept with how wide and how tall the card is, length is just fine for standard card lengths, its just everything else about the card that is difficult apparently!! LOL

Thanks for all the help @millusions

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Alright well she is running.... somewhat. Still have a couple issues that I am trying to work through..

1. UHD 630 internal graphics is only recognizing 14mb for some reason in High Sierra 10.13.6. Monitor is not recognized either. 

2. Bluetooth is not being recognized at all even with the Broadcom kexts installed in the other folder..

Gonna pick this up tomorrow night but so far everything went pretty smoothly. I originally messed up my Clover Bootloader so I kept getting a hang. Resolved that by taking my USB install disk, ended up finding a NEWER boot loader (as of a few days ago) and installed that on the USB as well as saved the folder (which I hadn't in the first place apparently.... d'oh!) and then went through that portion of the process again. Now it boots just fine on its own, get a quick graphical glitch when I first log in but I have a feeling that is due to issue #1. 


Good thing is that all my USB ports as recognized, which I figured was going to be my first issue outside of the ethernet. Been fun so far. Now just got to get everything running properly. 

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whatevergreen and inject intel?

not too sure on this, i've only gone as far as HD 4600 myself, works fine with above.

if you have all wifi/bt kexts sometimes helps to put them in /Library/Extensions

get KCPM utility Pro here https://www.firewolf.science/2016/09/kcpm-utility-pro-v6-brand-new-kexts-ezinstaller-macos-sierra-supported-repairing-permissions-configuring-rootless-and-more/

for installing kexts


USB 3 patch in clover:

  • High Sierra 10.13.6:
    • Name*: com.apple.driver.usb.AppleUSBXHCI
    • Find* [HEX]: 837D880F 0F83A704 0000
    • Replace* [HEX]: 837D880F 90909090 9090
    • Comment: USB 10.13.6
    • MatchOS: 10.13.x

sleep working?


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Thanks @millusions haven't really tested to see if sleep works as I was putzing around on the machine last night when I was working on everything, so I never setup sleep or activated hot corners. However, this morning I did so Apple>Sleep and that seemed to work however my screen did not fully go to sleep (could still see mouse arrow too) so I would say it is partially working but have not fully tested. 




Have to say that once this thing gets to the Apple Logo boot screen, she screams to the password entry!



and here is my kexts/other folder as of this morning before I left for work.


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So have a little bit of success tonight with the hack.... Was able to finally get wifi recognized with items from Rehabman for the FakePCIID and Broadcom_fix packages. Still working on trying to get the bluetooth portion recognized though. Figured that it would have worked when the wifi was recognized but I must have missed a step. 


For the video I am getting the below kernel panic when booting. 


Think I remember reading about a framebuffer fix for intel graphic acceleration. Time for some more digging. And yes, I have increased the iGPU memory to at least 128mb in the bios.

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yea. i dont have any experince with that graphics, sorry.

are you injecting intel?


i played around with RAM for HD 4600 and mostly it made no difference, left it on auto or max.


so the trick is to make config-test.plist etc. then you press space bar at boot and chose different config.

and backup EFI because that's your whole hack right there - well maybe in a couple of days.


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Ok thanks @millusions I appreciate all your help.


So for anyone else that may be watching this, here are my remaining issues..

1. No graphics acceleration on the Intel UHD630 integrated graphics

2. No bluetooth (wifi works though)

3. No sounds/audio (but think I may have that figured out)

4. ...


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Alright!!! So I can mark off #3 from the list... ended up going back through removing all my kext files from the Other folder as well as the ones that I had put in the /L/E folder and kinda started over from scratch.

Went through and did the sudo kextcache -i / command from the command line and cleared my cache. 


Confirmed after restart that NOTHING was working that previously had (e.g. wifi and ethernet).

Installed the IntelMausiEthernet.kext into the Other folder and reboots... ethernet now works

Then I started working on the sound following Morgonauts video and got it to work with the first number (1) in the Inject Audio after installing the AppleALC.kext in the kext/Other folder. So have one small success tonight so far. 

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Alright, after hours of messing with the video to try and get things to work properly giving me full gfx acceleration I had no luck. I have not gone through the Hackintool read yet but after trying multiple other methods, even attempting to spook the platform and device IDs in Clover I had not luck.  


Seems crazy to me that there are a couple other threads where people are able to get these items working right away with minimal issues and I am running into so many problems, kinda makes we want to wipe my drive and start over again. 


So Items that are still not working

- No gfx acceleration (Intel UHD 630 is recognized but only showing 14mb of memory)

- No bluetooth (wifi portion is working fine however bluetooth hardware is not recognized)


Solutions (proposed)

- For video, framebuffer patching needs to occur apparently. This is referenced by the message received during verbose boot process. Hackintool [created by @headkaze] recommended by @Allan as way to appropriately fix.

- For bluetooth, seems that there is an issue with USB configuration in ACPI from reading different forums/threads. This is remedied by correctly assigning USB ports through usage of USBInjectAll.kext


Seems like both of these items are fairly involved with the latter requiring the creation of a custom SSDT file and injection of USB items. 

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Holy #$%@!! Finally got bluetooth working after going through the USB cleanup thread by @headkazewhile utilizing the Hackintool!! 

One thing that I have realized is that when inputting items into your /L/E or /S/L/E folder you definitely need to be using a KEXT installer. Had just been dragging and dropping into the respective folder.


For me, the following worked.

- Going through the USB Cleanup thread steps and activated all the applicable ports

- Used Hackintool to create a USBPorts.kext file, once created you drop this into EFI>Kexts>Other as this is now your proper port mapping for your system. 

- Make sure that you have Rehabman's FakePCIID and Broadcom kexts in your EFI>Kexts>Other folder to supplement


After all of that, a few restarts and now my bluetooth is recognized!!!



So that now leaves me with fixing the damn graphics acceleration..... time to do some more researching!!

Edited by mizznfizz

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So oddity I noticed last night... when the system is booting to the clover bootloader screen, I do not have bluetooth at that point, so i have to plug my keyboard in to ensure I have it boot from my macOS drive vs. something else (like the Vault or Preboot Bootloader). I need to go through and rearrange my boot items so that it always boots from last used (still running verbose mode so that adds to boot time). 

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On 1/19/2019 at 4:25 PM, mizznfizz said:

So oddity I noticed last night... when the system is booting to the clover bootloader screen, I do not have bluetooth at that point, so i have to plug my keyboard in to ensure I have it boot from my macOS drive vs. something else (like the Vault or Preboot Bootloader). I need to go through and rearrange my boot items so that it always boots from last used (still running verbose mode so that adds to boot time). 

So looks like this ends up being a continuity issue with Bluetooth. What I didn't realize from Rehabmans Broadcom thread is that while the Z2 wifi/bt chip is supported it is not NATIVELY supported, so looks like I will have some other work to go through and get BT continuity working properly. 


Ok ran into some other issues last night with an ACPI error that would not let me get into safe mode or anything. Not really sure what I did but I couldn't get macOS to load so I reformatted and started again. Getting everything else working first (USB ports, Ethernet, WiFi/BT) then I will worry about the iGPU. 


Here is the weirdest thing, there are two builds on another forum that use same board, same processor with slightly different other items and installing Mojave and/or High Sierra and both were able to get their setups working right away. Not sure where I am going wrong.

Mobo- ASRock Z370m-itx/ac with 3.10 BIOS (I believe, need to verify in BIOS tonight and looks like there is an updated bios with minor fixes)

CPU - Core i5 8400

Monitor is an Acer k272HUL IPS display connected via Display Port (has 2xHDMI ports available as well)


Oddity that I noticed last night and believe it is associated with the USB port fix that needs to be done, is that while the board has two gigabit lan ports, only one works for me. I had the second working at one point but not working OOB like I thought. Have installed IntelMausiEthernet.kext to resolve ethernet issue in the clover>kexts>other folder.


Really starting to wonder if there is something up with my board too. Get an oddity, will have to take a pic with my phone, when booting into the boot device selection screen where I get all kinds of graphical artifacts. I did end up winning an old bid I put in on a Dell OEM Radeon R7 350x low profile card that should fit my case and that will be here on Friday. But the bid in before I realized that there may be some compatibility issues with the card OOB (great another thing to mess with) but that will at least give me an idea of there is something else going on here. 


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Ok so finally got everything working again and started trying to get the framebuffer taken care of to get graphics acceleration. 

Attempted using a "general" framebuffer guide as the Framebuffer Patching via WEG guide just isn't making sense to me and I am not getting any framebuffer dumps when using the two boot arguments.


So here is where I am at. tried using a different guide that has been updated as of a few days ago from another site that had a similar board to mine. I am now stuck at a kernal hang. I get hung up on AppleACPICPU for multiple "Busy" signals then I will go into the Apple logo (quickly and very broken) and I get a black screen. Can't get past this even in safemode to get to my config.plist to swap it out for the previous settings. 


Any ideas how to get back to the system desktop to get this fixed?

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Finally was able to get past the ACPICPU error, realized that I had not changed my boot order so I was still attempting to use the UEFI partition for the drive to boot instead of the bootable usb thumbdrive. Got past that and was able to replace the EFI folder with my back-up that I created before I started messing with the integrated graphics. Now I can boot into the system with everything working except the integrated graphics which is fine for the moment as I will work through that.


Also got the R7 350x card only to find out that the system recognizes it as an r7 250 card but same as the integrated graphics I get no graphics acceleration. Spent 3hrs messing with different injections, framebuffer patches in clover, etc. to get no graphics accelerations. Biggest bummer is while this card is TINY (only 15.9mm wide from back of pcb to front of fan) it literally pushes up against the side mount of the wesena. I would have to gun into the wesena to remove the standoffs that hold the side mount piece to get it to have enough room (which would afford me about another 9mm) but with this card seeemingly not supported I am stuck.


So I am at a hard spot now.. Either I got to figure out what is needed to get the integrated graphics working properly or I need to return the card, sell the case and possibly the psu and replace those three with something similar but that is OOB supported. My less than $700 build is suddenly causing me issues.. BLEH!!

But serious thanks to @millusions @Allan for attempting to help me so much over other threads. 

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Well I am finally up and running completely and stably. I was still having trouble with getting full graphics acceleration when a user in another thread recommended using a clover folder from someone else's build that he was able to get functioning.

Well I gave it a shot and sure enough I have everything up and running perfectly now. I will probably take the next week to make little tweaks here and there to ensure everything is stable, then upgrade to Mojave. Once that is done and stable I can call this complete!


I still need to go through the other users Clover>Kexts>Other folder to see what was different and also their clover settings. 

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      Clover r4961 ISO compiled with GCC and minimal config.plist compatible for use in VMWare Workstation.
      Tested with unlocked Workstation 15 running OSX 10.9 -->10.14 guest in Windows X64 host.
      1. Download and unzip "EFI_Clover_r4961 for VMware.zip". Mount Clover-v2.4k-4961-X64.iso by double clicking on it.
      2. Mount your VM's EFI System Partition eg in terminal
      sudo diskutil mount disk0s1   3. Copy EFI folder from step 1 into the EFI partition
      4. Shutdown the VM, add bios.bootDelay = "3000" to your VM's vmx file
      5. Reboot your VM, press <F2> to access the VMware Boot Manager and add CLOVERX64.efi to the boot menu.
      Substitute your own unique and valid MLB and ROM variables in the /EFI/CLOVER/config.plist (Rt Variables section) to activate iMessage/Facetime on your VM.
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      Installing macOS Mojave 10.14.5 on Gigabyte Z370N WIFI + i7 8700K + UHD 630

      06/10/2019 00:44h GMT-0
      - Completely rewritten.
      10/17/2018 08:12h GMT-0
      - Fix Kexts permissions commands adjusted.
      - Removed FrameBuffer patch that is not needed.
      - Added audio solution and HDMI.
      - Unfortunately DisplayPort does not work.
      - Replaced Wifi/BT with DW1560 (BCM94352Z)
      10/11/2018 04:15h GMT-0
      - Added USB 3.0 patch.
      - Adjusted some steps.
      - Changed text formatting.
      10/11/2018 03:42h GMT-0
      - Added missing UEFI configuration.
      10/07/2018 00:36h GMT-0
      - First version.
      What works and what does not
      - Processor: Intel Core i7-8700K ->  Work. All SpeedStep stages.
      - Video Card: Intel UHD 630 ->  Work. QE/CI and Metal.
      - Chipset: Intel Z370 ->  Work.
      - HDMI 2.0 (1st) ->  Work.
      - HDMI (2nd) ->  Work.
      - DP ->  Not tested yet.
      - Audio: ALC1220 ->  Work.
      - HDMI Audio ->  Work.
      - WiFi/Bluetooth ->  Not work. Replaced with BCM94360CS2.
      - Ethernet (1st) ->  Work.
      - Ethernet (2nd) ->  Work.
      - USB3.0 ->  Work.
      - Sleep ->  Work.
      - Airdrop, Handoff, Instant Hotspot and Continuity ->  Work after replaced wireless.
      - Make audio work.
      - Make HDMI audio work.
      - Test DisplayPort.
      - Make second ethernet work.
      - Replace Wifi/Bluetooth.
      - Test DP.
      What you need to install

      - Running install of macOS
      - One USB flash drive of 8GB or bigger
      - macOS Mojave install app
      - Clover Configurator
      - Clover EFI
      - Clover Configurator
      - Some KEXTs and SSDT patches

      How create create the install flash drive
      Prepare install flash drive

      Format the flash drive with GUID partition mapping and name it "Install".

      - Open Disk Utility.
      - Click in View, then "Show All Devices".
      - Select the destination flash drive, then Erase.
      - Name: Install, Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and Scheme: GUID Partition Map
      Create install flash drive

      Open terminal and run this command:
      sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ .app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/Install--nointeraction This will take about 30 minutes.

      Install bootloader

      Download the CloverEFI (used 4953, from Automated Clover Builds) and install with this options on "Install macOS Mojave":
      - Install for UEFI booting only
      - Install Clover in the ESP
      - UEFI Drivers - ApfsDriverLoader-64
      - UEFI Drivers - AptioMemoryFix-64
      - UEFI Drivers - HFSPlus
      - UEFI Drivers - NvmExpressDxe-64 (I have an NVME SSD)
      - FileVault 2 UEFI Drivers (I strongly recommend enable FileVault)

      Make things works
      We'll make a full working flash drive, so follow these instructions:
      Will be mounted the EFI partition of the flash drive.
      Open the the /Volumes/EFI/CLOVER/config.plist inside this new partition with Clover Configurator (used
      Important modifications

      BOOT Page
      - Add: Arguments - darkwake=2
      - Uncheck: NeverDoRecovery
      - Check: Legacy - XMPDetection=Yes
      - Check: KernelPm
      - Change: CsrActiveConfig - 0x3
      SMBIOS Page
      - Change: Macmini8,1 - Mac mini (Late 2018) | Intel Core i7-8700B @ 3.20 GHz

      - Click: Generate New (few times in the two buttons)

      Need some Kexts in the folder /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other/
      - Download the HWSensors 3 from here. I used the FakeSMC.kext, ACPIMonitor.kext and IntelCPUMonitor.kext inside of DMG version r196.
      - Download the Lilu.kext from here. I used the version 1.3.6.

      Intel UHD 630
      ACPI Page
      - Uncheck: Fixes - AddHDMI
      - Uncheck: Fixes - FixDisplay
      - Uncheck: Fixes - FixHDA
      GUI Page
      - Change: Screen Resolution - 3840x2160 (My monitor is 4K)

      Need a Kext in the folder /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other/
      - Download the WhateverGreen.kext from here. I used the version 1.2.9.

      Audio ALC 1220 and HDMI audio

      BOOT Page
      - Add: Arguments - alcid=11

      DEVICES Page
      - Change: Audio - Inject - 11
      - Uncheck: Audio - AFGLowPowerState
      - Uncheck: Audio - ResetHDA

      Need a Kext in the folder /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other/
      - Download the AppleALC.kext from here. I used the version 1.3.8.

      All USBs (2.0, 3.0, Type-C, internal)
      KERNEL AND KEXT PATCHES Page - KextsToPatch
      - Name*: com.apple.iokit.IOUSBHostFamily
      - Find* [HEX]: 83FB0F0F
      - Replace* [HEX]: 83FB3F0F
      - Comment: USB Port Limit Patch 1 PMHeart/DalianSky
      - MatchOS: 10.14.x
      - Name*: com.apple.iokit.IOUSBHostFamily
      - Find* [HEX]: 83FB0F0F
      - Replace* [HEX]: 83FB3F0F
      - Comment: USB Port Limit Patch 2 PMHeart/DalianSky
      - MatchOS: 10.14.x
      - Name*: com.apple.driver.usb.AppleUSBXHCI
      - Find* [HEX]: 83FB0F0F
      - Replace* [HEX]: 83FB3F0F
      - Comment: USB Port Limit Patch 3 PMHeart/DalianSky
      - MatchOS: 10.14.x
      - Name*: com.apple.driver.usb.AppleUSBXHCI
      - Find* [HEX]: 83FF0F0F
      - Replace* [HEX]: 83FF3F0F
      - Comment: USB Port Limit Patch 4 PMHeart/DalianSky
      - MatchOS: 10.14.x
      Need a Kext in the folder /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other/
      - Download the USBInjectAll.kext from here. I used the version 2018-1108.
      Need SSDT patch in the folder /EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched/
      - Download the SSDT-EC.aml, SSDT-UIAC.aml and SSDT-USBX attached bellow.
      Wifi and Bluetooth (BCM94360CS)
      Works out of box (plug 'n' play).
      LAN Cards
      Need a Kext for feach card in the folder /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other/
      - Download the IntelMausiEthrenet.kext from here. I used the version 2018-1031.
      - Download the SmallTreeIntel82576.kext attached bellow. I do not remember where I found it.

      Now you can start the instalation without problem (I guess).
      How install
      UEFI Setup Configuration and Installation

      UEFI configuration
      - Shutdown and insert the flash.
      - Power on with DEL pressed to enter BIOS setup.
      - Change value: Periphelrals - Initial Display to IGP
      - Change value: Periphelrals - USB Configuration - XHCI Hand-off to ENABLE
      - Change value: Chipset - VT-d to DISABLE
      - Change value: Chipset - Internal Graphics to ENABLE
      - Change value: Chipset - DVMT Pre-Allocated to 128M
      - Save & Exit Setup
      - Now, hold the F12
      - In the list, select your flash drive.
      - It will show twice. One with UEFI prefix and another without.
      - Select with UEFI prefix. Ie.: "UEFI: Sandisk Cruzer"
      The installer will start. 
      Format destination disk

      Format the disk with GUID partition mapping and name it "HD".

      - Select Disk Utility in the list, then press Continue.
      - Click in View, then "Show All Devices".
      - Select the destination Disk, then Erase.
      - Name: HD, Format: APFS and Scheme: GUID Partition Map

      Close Disk Utility.
      Select "Install macOS", then Continue.
      Follow instructions in screen.

      After install

      After first part install the system will reboot.
      The second part of the installation will begin. This will take 16 minutes.

      Post installation

      Install bootloader
      When the second part of install finish, the system will reboot again.

      After performing the user initial setup and go to the desktop, you need to install Clover on internal disk.

      Open the Clover installer inside flash drive that you copied before.

      Use same options above but choose the system partition this time.

      Now you need to replace the EFI folder inside your destination disk EFI parittion, with EFI folder inside flash card EFI partition.

      If the flash drive EFI partition of your destination disk or flash drive is unmounted:
      Mount with terminal "sudo diskutil mount /dev/rdiskXs1". To know what X is, use "diskutil list", most likely is 0 for destination disk and 1 for flash drive.
      Then, eject the flash drive.
      Last step
      Move all Kexts from EFI partition to /Library/Extensions, with those commands in Terminal:
      sudo mv -R /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.14/* /Library/Extensions/ sudo chmod -R 755 /Library/Extensions sudo chown -R root:wheel /Library/Extensions sudo kextcache -i / Restart the system.
      It's done!

      And last but not least
      I would like to thank the following community members, by making these dream possible:
      @crushers, @snatch, @apianti, @blackosx, @blusseau, @dmazar, @slice2009, @autumnrain, @phpdev32, @EMlyDinEsH, @RehabMan, @Scellow, @mitch_de, @Shailua, @Andy Vandijck, @maxfierke, @ArturXXX, @LexHimself, @brumas and all others members involved directly or indirectly.
    • By slapbass_
      Buona giornata con tutti i colleghi di Insanelymac
      Spero che tutto sia buono là fuori :-)
      # Post-installazione MOJAVE 10.14.5 / I NON HANNO IL HDMI AUDIO
      #non visualizzare (Samsung TV) nel pannello delle preferenze di sistema
      Voglio chiedere il tuo supporto, dare una soluzione al mio portatile
      e così Abilita l'audio HDMI
      Ti ringrazio infinitamente compagni;
      - Il cavo hdmi dalla TV è collegato al laptop, non appare nulla
      (non riconosce) nel pannello delle preferenze di sistema
      (vedi foto)
      * qui le mie specifiche:
      Dell Inspiron 14 serie 5000 (5458)
      - CPU Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-5200U @ 2,20 GHz
      - Ram 4GB »
      - Intel HD Graphics 5500
      - Rete PCI:
      Adattatore WiFi HMC AC Wireless-AC 3160 AC Dual Band Intel
      Scheda Fast Ethernet Realtek RTL8139 / 810x
      - Audio
      Intel Broadwell HDMI @ Intel Broadwell - Mini HD Audio
      Realtek ALC255 @ Intel Wildcat Point-LP PCH Alta defi .....
      Ti sarò molto grato, miei compagni,
      Dio ti benedica
      Four Fotos.zip
    • By slapbass_
      #インストール後のMOJAVE 10.14.5 / HDMIオーディオを持っていません
      システム設定パネルの#no view(Samsung TV)
       - テレビからのHDMIケーブルがラップトップに接続されている、何も表示されない
      Dell Inspiron 14 5000シリーズ(5458)
       - インテル(R)コア(TM)i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz
       -  Ram 4GB»
       - インテルHDグラフィックス5500
       -  PCIネットワーク:
      インテルデュアルバンドワイヤレスAC 3160 AC HMC WiFiアダプター
      Realtek RTL8139 / 810xファーストイーサネットアダプタ
       - オーディオ
      Intel Broadwell HDMI @ Intel Broadwell  - ミニHDオーディオ
      Realtek ALC255 @インテルワイルドキャットポイント -  LP PCHハイビジョン.....
      Four Fotos.zip
    • By slapbass_
      #安裝後MOJAVE 10.14.5 /我沒有HDMI音頻
      系統首選項面板中的#no view(Samsung TV)
       - 來自電視的hdmi電纜連接到筆記本電腦,沒有任何顯示
      戴爾Inspiron 14 5000系列(5458)
       -  Intel(R)Core(TM)i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz
       -  Ram 4GB»
       - 英特爾高清顯卡5500
       -  PCI網絡:
      英特爾雙頻無線AC 3160 AC HMC WiFi適配器
      Realtek RTL8139 / 810x快速以太網適配器
       - 音頻
      英特爾Broadwell HDMI @ Intel Broadwell  - 迷你高清音頻
      Realtek ALC255 @ Intel Wildcat Point-LP PCH High defi .....
      Four Fotos.zip