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Hello guys.

I just installed El Capitan on my Lenovo M93P Tine PC and runs fine but no network. I do not have any wifi card build in there so only using LAN. Can anyone here share the LAN kext for the El Capitan on my Lenovo Thinkcentre M93p tiny pc? It has the i7 CPU with Inte 4600 graphics. Please help

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Great, this worked. Thank you soooooo much for the quick help. Now, I know not to be too greedy but is there a way I could run Mojave or at least High Sierra on this machine? Any idea? 

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i have a m93p tiny but i5 version.

have been running 10.11.6 on it for a while - it's pretty much perfect, no DSDT needed. Mac Mini 2014 SMbios


i'm doing some testing with Mojave to slowly upgrade.

yesterday booted 10.14.2 from a HFS+ USB external drive, with updated clover and updated kexts, same config.plist no mod.

everything seemed to be working, sound, network, the only thing was that on sleep it would blink twice and then wake up. i suspect its because external media was mounted/booted from.

but thats as far as I got.


will be swapping hard disks next few days, hoping Mojave wont ruin a perfect hack.


same config. same setup. with apfs.efi from 10.14.2 in clover drivers, couldnt get it to boot. ' still waiting for root device' with prohibited sign. i have a few hard disks, carbon copy junkie :) so i tried HFS+ and it was all good.



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my clover. with new SMbio generated for you.

should work 100% with el capitan, sleep, sound, wake on lan, cloud stuff.


oh yea. in clover configurator, change boot drive name to your hard drive name.

"kernel and kext patches" section is a bit of a mess, but it works so i just leave it alone


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