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BOOT SCREEN - Theme "Components" options not working


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CLOVER 2.4 rev 4813


In theme.plist, in the section "Components", if "Tools" and "Functions" are set to false, still leave "Options" and "About Clover" visible.




The result would be like the screenshot attached. Previous versions of Clover, with all these options set to false (besides "Label") gave a completely clean boot selector, with only the boot entries visible with their respective names.


1-  I need the boot screen to be 'Kiosk like', as my family uses the computer, and I Do Not want them easily going into the Clover options menus.


2-  The current Boot screen is Ugly unless it is a "completely clean boot selector screen".


Is there is a 'secret setting' or another way to force this current version to make a "completely clean boot selector screen" ?


CLOVER 2.4 rev 4813


Original Boot screen.png

Clean Boot Screen 101.png

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