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Kernel Debugger - GUI Flavour

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Hey guys,


So the newest kernel is giving you problems ? [insert a Kernel Extension] is giving you problems ? Want to help semthex ? Want to help semthex to create a better kernel . Then this script would do it for you . It outputs all debugging messages [that includes snapshot of your system and your I/O] and zips it up. So you could send it to semthex or IRC him or send to other developers [if you are facing any problem(s) with their project].








Features :-


1. GUI - 100%

Woohooo..No more CLis , you dont have to punch all the commands. The application would take care it for you. Just drag and drop and it would do the rest for you. Once its done you have a zip file in your desktop that you could send it to semthex or any other developers* [For example Natit]



2. One Touch Button [aka Newbie- Friendly]

Simply drag and drop the application to Pseudo* and enter your Administrator password and voila . It would just run without asking you any questions. So you dont have to think like a geek and the best part is that it will not mess your system up. So even newbies could use the script , thats right even a 4 year old kid could run this script. Its that safe ! '



3. Approved By Semthex and tested by a group of beta testers

To ensure the proper quality of my script , I have semthex's approval [and he is the one who encouraged me to improve the script] and it has been tested thoroughly by a group of beta testers and it is guaranteed to work. Plus , since its been tested , you dont have to worry about being 'unsafe' or anything else.






1. Download the script from http://rakis.net/~prasys/KernelDebugger.zip . Place it anywhere . You may want to place it in the Desktop or Applications Folder



2. Open up Pseudo [the mask thingy]. Once its started , just drag and drop Kernel Debugger application [which looks like an installer package] to the drop zone in Pseudo , where it says drop any application to run it as a System Administrator. Once you have dropped it , it would ask for your Administrator password. Just enter it and if its correct you would see the application. It would then dump all the required information and packs it up in a .zip file


3. Once its done , you would see a zip file called 'kernel_debugging_for_semthex.zip'. You could send the zip file to semthex or anyone else [aka developers , that asks you to do a dmesg , ioreg and stuff like that]. Thats it , its simple as 1, 2,3







I would like to thank :-


semthex - Agent 007 !

SG - thanks for providing the bandwidth

Few beta testers @ IRC Channel - #kernel and #jas.dvd !

interinv - User feedback ! - My Loyal Beta Tester !

Rammjet - For giving me the idea in the first place. It used to be a CLI script , he suggested that it should be in GUI !




If you think this script rocks and would like to help me to pay my Tuition Fees [Education comes first] , you could drop by over at my IRC Channel - #scripts @ irc.macspeak.net. Of course if I get any extra $$$ , the money would go to semthex and other developers that needs the money

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