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Intel UHD 630 configures correctly ONLY when RX 560 card installed

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Setting up a new system (Dell Inspiron 3670 DT w/Core i7-8700). Super simple setup w/Mojave. Everything pretty much worked with minimal effort.

As I didn't want to waste hours with the on-board UHD 630 video, I purchased an MSI RX 560 4GB card to get easy OOB accelerated video.

What I find interesting is, when the RX 560 card is installed, the Intel FB-patcher program shows the GPU as the Intel UHD 630 and shows it working perfectly with Metal support and QE/CI enabled. It also shows it with 1536MB video memory. The macOS System Information, though, shows the Radeon RX 560 and no Intel UHD 630 listed under Graphics. This is with NO Intel or ATI inject, just using LILU and WEG (stock).

When I take out the RX 560 and boot with Inject Intel (FAKEID 0x12345678), I get video, but the usual no acceleration (shows as Intel UHD 630 7MB).

If I try to boot with no injection, it kernel panics and won't boot.

Why is it that the UHD 630 seemingly is detected and configured correctly when the RX 560 is installed? Why is the Intel UHD 630 seen as the primary GPU in FB-patcher? I also use the MacX Video converter and it shows the Intel UHD 630 installed and enabled hardware encoding using the UHD 630 instead of the RX 560. 

Screenshots below.

Given what is seen here, is there an easy way to get UHD 630 working w/o RX 560? Am I just needing to change some ID's or such in my Clover plist?




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