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Asus n61vn hackintosh installation

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Hey guys, I'm hoping to get some tips and help here on how to install hackintosh on asus n61vn it's equipped with intel c2d p8700, 8gb of ram, gt240m ,pm45 chipset and an ssd and I want to install macosx el capitan on it because I believe that's latest version that this computer may run. So does anyone of you guys run macosx on setup like this, if so I would be grateful for some help with installation.


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Posted (edited)

Intel P8700 CPU is Penryn generation and SSE4.1 capable. As such, it meets the requirements for macOS Sierra and High Sierra.

nVidia GT240M GPU is Tesla generation and based on GT216 chip, i.e. the same base as use in the NVS 5100M or GeForce GT 320M. This should be supported in High Sierra, at least in Sierra.


If the GT240M is supported in High Sierra, then you could also run Mojave with the usual C2D + Metal-unsupported GPU tricks.

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