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ALC892 P8P67 EVO with BIOS 3xxx

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Historically we had a problem with the BIOS upgrade to the 3xxx series. The upgrade broke audio and the standard solutions to enable it. The old workaround was, like to the P67's:


  1. Asus P67H67 3xxx BIOS: Phantom codec
    • Workaround: 2xxx BIOS downgrade, 7/8 Series motherboard upgrade


or use VoodooHDA (that have the problem with the low or crackling sound).


I've managed to get my sound working with the 3xxx bios series in the P8P67 EVO:


The solution is to edit the AppleHDAController, in IONameMatch insert pci8086,1c20 in the BuiltInHDA9D70 propriety and use AppleALC.

I don't know if is the best solution, but it worked here. 

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Hi, I had missed this. Still a nice find, this can save from flashing BIOS, and may be patched from clover. I have all the hardware stuff to ruin and restore my ROMs but not everyone does. I wish we both had found these years ago.

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I prefer your solution. I tried to patch it from Clover, but I could not make it work. So I always had to patch manually with: 

sudo sed -i '' 's/<string>pci8086,9d70/<string>pci8086,1c20/' '/System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleHDAController.kext/Contents/Info.plist'

The Clover patch that I tried was: 


find: 093C7374 72696E67 3E706369 38303836 2C396437 303C2F73 7472696E 673E

replace: 093C7374 72696E67 3E706369 38303836 2C316332 303C2F73 7472696E 673E

and InfoPlistPatched ticked.

But I don't know why it not worked.

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