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I hope to get a DELL G3 boot file.

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I am a newbie, I have been working for a long time and still have not succeeded.

I hope to get a DELL G3 boot file.

If so, I hope I can share it.


Many thanks


Below is the configuration of my notebook

DELL G3 3579


GTX1050 4G


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Hey Man,


I've got the same Dell G3 15" 3579


GTX1050 ti



This will get you installed and booted.  The intel WIFI and Bluetooth card won't work so its easier to spend $30 and get a broadcom card that's compatible.

Nvidia hasn't released drivers but I've got mine working enough to edit video with cuda acceleration. Download the webdriver with webdriver.sh (download from github) then you can use the updater and patcher commands I attached.


I have the trackpad working perfectly.  Took a few tries though.


Use the EFI folder to get up and running.  I've used it to install High Sierra and Mojave for clean installs.  make sure you have your BIOS set to AHCI and that secure boot is off.  you need to enable the network stack WITHOUT PXE  to get ethernet working.  should work right off the hop.


I HIGHLY recommend avoiding APFS at all costs.  When you install after it reboots the first time  boot it up from the installer driver and open a terminal and enter this one line at a time 

ls -1 /Volumes
cd /Volumes/disk_drive_name
cd "macOS Install Data"
vi minstallconfig.xml


You need to change the value of "convert to APFS" from true to false.  use the arrow keys to highlight the "t" in true and hit delete 4 times.  Then press "i" and type false.  Hit Esc then type :wq to save or :q! if you need to start over.


Then continue the install and you're good.  Unless you are installing Mojave and this last part is a huge waste of time and you should just install Mojave and clone it to an HFS+ drive. 


You got this. Yes this laptop is a $^#^#%& to get started with but....hyper-threaded cores.


Have fun!  






Framebuffer Coffee lake Mojave UHD 630 3E9B009.rtf



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Thank you buddy


I have successfully installed


As you said, the discrete graphics card can't be driven, you need to plug in the network cable to go online.


Now gradually improving.

thank you very much


I installed the 10.14.2 version.

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On 1/1/2019 at 8:14 PM, Fyormat said:



Hi there,



I am a newbie for Hackintosh,and after searching and searching for ages,i am surprised to found that we have the same Dell G3.

Well...Unfortunately ,the link of the EFI files seems unavailable anymore .Could you please re-upload the EFI files ?


Thank you very much!

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