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Failed to send exception: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY

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This is my first time hackintoshing and I managed to get to the very end of the install process before it failed on me. Thought I'll get it right on the first try. Well. 



CPU - i3 3220

MB - Intel DH61BF


Storage - Kingston 240GB SSD


I had managed to install macOS and then reached the Set Up Your Mac page. After going through it, after the step where you enter the details for Ethernet, the screen turns black and I get the following error messages and it reboots. 


The errors being 

 Failed to send exception EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY. Error code 5 PID 262.


At the clover bootloader, I choose the SSD again and then the Set Up screen again shows up. Follow the steps and again after the ethernet page it reboots. I've attached the error messages that I get. 


I've did a search of the error and some suggested building the usb installer again and trying. Any suggestions?



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