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Hackintosh recommendation for LG OLED 55 inch TV.

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Hi All,

I am newbie and i need some help with the recommendation as per my requirements.

I have a lg c8 oled 55 inch TV and i m planning to build a hackintosh for primarily browsing/watch movies/photos..etc on my oled TV.

NO Gaming with the build as i have a xbox for that purpose.

My TV supports 4k@60 hdmi 2.0 with billion colors. 

My main requirement is that movies/pics should look the best with my build. 

As per my requirement, what would be the ideal/best build ?

which CPU/GPU combination should i go with. I m so confused with the combinations.


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Fast solution: AppleTV.
It 's cheaper compared to an Hackintosh.
On the other hand if you wish to build a media center based on Osx , you can ...
It all depends on how much you want spend to create one.

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