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Patch to modify USB product ID

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I would like a patch to modify the USB device product ID for:


ScanSnap S1500:

  Product ID: 0x11a2

  Vendor ID: 0x04c5  (Fujitsu Ltd.)


To become:


ScanSnap iX500:

  Product ID: 0x132b

  Vendor ID: 0x04c5  (Fujitsu Ltd.)


So I can try to use the new 64bit drivers that don't support the older S1500's device ID. More info on the problem in the comments here 

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That's funny, since a few days I need the exact same thing but for some other USB device! 

Please post all of your findings! I would very much appreciate that.


One thing I've only recently (and therefore too late) found is https://github.com/slavaim/MacOSX-Kernel-Filter , but (public? :ninja:) development stopped in 2013 according to its readme. I can't seem to make it compile right now, maybe that's my own fault though. I need it to run on at least 10.13, better yet 10.11 min, but those are already too new. And even if that driver/injector (or whatever it truly is, I haven tested it yet) would work: I don't even know if that really supports changing the name of the device as the readme doesn't mention it. But I wildly guess it could do that as well, just look at its intense featureset.

I've also found another question here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25994103/osx-change-product-id-to-usb-composite-device but no answers...

There's also these docs: https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/documentation/DeviceDrivers/Conceptual/USBBook/USBDeviceInterfaces/USBDevInterfaces.html

But damn, it's out of my league. I wouldn't know where to start. :ph34r:

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Thanks for the tip, I'm giving this a try




edit: I think usb_modeswitch is for those 3G modems that can either be the modem or a storage device i.e. with the driver software usually on it. Says here "The program does not change the product ID. That's entirely up to the device. "


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