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XPS 14 (L421X) mojave and windows 10 dual boot

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Below are details of how I installed Mojave on my dell xps14 (L421x) with windows as subsequent install/dual boot.  I followed various tutorials and YouTube videos, and it took about 10 attempts, but here's what I have got! Hopefully this can be helpful to someone.
I have merely installed Mojave but now need to install kexts (drivers) and have zero idea what I'm doing. Please see the end for my questions. Hopefully someone can help out.
  • Backup everything. Need, at minimum, a USB mouse.
  • Good idea to get list of hardware including motherboard.
  • Make bootable windows USB (use Rufus) and hirens boot USB.
  • Download Mojave from Mac store on a computer that doesn't have Mojave.  Used [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] to make bootable macOS. Also make a folder on the USB and put into it Clover Configurator and clover installer.
  • Bios settings change SATA to ACHI.  UEFI rather than legacy.
  • Start by inserting Windows boot USB. Recovery. Disk part. Format and convert full hard drive to GPT (rather than MBR).
  • Use hirens boot disk to get into temporary windows. Open disk management. Partitioned my SSD to NTFS except for ~300mb that I left as RAW unpartitioned.
  • Shutdown. Boot up with macOS.  Get into installer. Disk utility and 'erase’ the main drive and format as APFS. Install macOS on this drive.
  • Once macOS is installed I will add a new large partition of NTFS to install Windows on.
  • Note: during install my keyboard didn't work. For user and pass I right click-copied the word “Apple” from the terms agreement.
  • When Mojave is running launch Clover installer. Install to main drive. Customize setting to turn on clover for UEFI booting, and under UEFI drivers turn on only vboxhfs, apfsdriverloader, and aptiomemoryfix.
  • Launch Clover Configurator. Mount EFI. Mount partition for the USB.  (Side note: go to finder, menu at top, finder, preferences, check box for hard drive).  EFI folder appears in desktop (white drive). Copy EFI contents from there to the grey EFI folder on desktop (the macOS EFI) to replace them.  Now can boot without USB!
  • Reboot with Windows bootable USB.  May need to hit F12 to select USB as boot option.  
  • When you get to hard drive selection wipe clean the drive you will install windows on and leave it RAW.  Then install. 
  • Wait before doing major updates until all of the bootloaders are working.  
  • Copy the file CLOVERX64.efi from the EFI bootloader on your Mojave bootable USB.  Copy that to C:\ drive.
  • Reboot and enter BIOS.  Create a new boot option called “clover” and for file location put “C:\CLOVERX64.efi
  • Reboot, enter BIOS again and under “boot” put “clover” as the top boot option for UEFI.  This will now open Clover on each boot and you can select either WINDOWS 10 or Mojave.  I have tested, and they both work on my system.
  1. How do I now get my keyboard, touch pad, and sound working? Do I scour the web for .kext files and randomly trying to place them in the EFI folder of my macOS clover install?  Is it strictly a .kext file that I can use?  When I tried adding the voodoops2controller kext to the USB folder  EFI/clover/kexts/  to get the keyboard working I couldn't get passed the first progress bar after clover bootup.
  1. Is my setup safe for my computer and motherboard?
  1. I didn't do DSDT at all because it seems quite complicated. Do I need to do this in order for my computer to be safe? Is my current setup safe to run or are there no sensors in for processor temperature etc? Lastly, if I do want to try so.e DSDT configs can I do so without reinstalling macOS?
  1. In the bootloader I have a bunch of clover stuff that is cluttering things up (prebooter, etc.) Can I get rid of these somehow to clean things up to just: Mojave and Windows?

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