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2017 MacBook Pro (15") - sudden keyboard issue!

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So I have had a beautiful journey so far with my latest MacBook Pro. Not sure how long ago, I bought myself a 2016 MacBook Pro (15") after my late 2011 MacBook Pro (15") finally broke down after six years or so.


Unfortunately, I think I got several issues including the high-pitched key noises, issues with the trackpad, the cracking noise ... So I went to the Apple certifed seller/repair store where I bought it from.

As from what I recall; I still had an issue after the first repair. Then after the second repair they replaced the wrong entire half of the MacBook Pro even though I told them what the issue was and where it came from. Then I was told that the store did not know how to solve my issue. Called Apple support directly, they said that they knew about the issue, there was a fix, but the store somehow did not get the information yet - even though this was an ongoing issue with many others on this forum as well and it was a certified Apple Premium Apple Reseller store. After the third repair, I got issues with the trackpad all of a sudden.

Done with this nonesense, I called Apple support again directly. They were very helpful and admitted that this was completely just ... it just went completely wrong. They sent a shipping company to pick up the old one and I soon received a 2017 model instead of a 2016 one. Awesome!

[ 2017 MBP ]


For many months my 2017 MacBook Pro (15") has been running very well! The trackpad did always sound a little ... weird sometimes when I tapped it, but honestly compared to what I went through and hoping not to go through all of that again, I was happy with the machine I had.


Unfortunately, disaster struck again. I have a keyboard issue all of a sudden. It only appeared to me so recently that I so far found it to be specifically one key to go a little berserk; my "n"-key often registers a keypress twice, while only pressed once. By itself such a little issue, but so frustrating, having to go back and correct those "nn"s all the time when typing.

So, I thought, damn it, I paid about € 3000 for this machine, went through all that misery, and now this. I heard about the recent repair programme from Apple, as apparently I am far from the only one having this issue with this particular laptop because of things - even dust - collecting underneath their keyboard or certain keys and getting stuck.

Note that I am this kind of person who shrugs at the sight of people collecting crumbs and God knows what into their keyboard to let it sit there forever. I already shrug at the sight of fingerprints on my trackpad or keys and try to meticulously wipe it off carefully as it this was my baby. So whatever even got innto this, I assume really that I am not in the wrong here so I decided to call Apple support once again.

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