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I'm trying to build a hackintosh, I've tried lot of MacOs versions and tutorials but I couldn't do it.


My hardware is:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo e6750

MotherBoard: Biostar G41D3C

GPU: Nvidia GTX 550ti



I know its old but I saw many videos building hackintosh with this.


I'll like to know what u guys recommend me.



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Intel Core2Duo E6750 is old Conroe generation so the best you can hope to run is El Capitan 10.11. Sierra and above require a CPU with SSE4 instructions set which Conroe models do not have. You'd need to upgrade to Wolfdale (eg: E7x00, E8x00) to gain that and go up to Mojave 10.14.


GTX 550Ti is GF116 Fermi2.0 chipset. If it's not supported OOB, it certainly should be with the nVidia Web Driver, but only up to High Sierra at the moment.


For the rest, well, you'll have to post your full systemls specs (chipset, USB ports, LAN, audio, etc.).

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