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Alternatives to Dolby Audio for MacOS

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One of the reasons for which I do not leave Windows, is to have Dolby audio, which is an advanced audio processing engine, which brings incredible improvements to my sound system. I searched to find something close on MacOS, and the only thing I found was the Boom audio, which already by name, makes the audio well explosive, distorted and worsening quality compared to the system without the application. Is there any other application capable of bringing audio enhancements to MacOS?

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1 hour ago, Allan said:

I use SoundBoosterLite.


Do you activated your audio correctly? E.g: AppleALC+Lilu?

Repaired the permissions and etc...

Thanks for the answer !
Yes, on my two devices I use AppleALC + Lilu, where layouts have been edited by me for proper connectorization. I already used the application mentioned a while back, and I did not like the results. On Windows, I use the Dolby Home Theater V4, which in addition to making improvements in audio, transmits in Dolby Digital format instead of PCM format.

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