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what should I do?

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On Thursday the 8th, a very fast moving fire destroyed everything in my life except my wife and Kittys.  we just got me a laptop, but my question is: if you were in my position, what would you do or say?  would you rebuild your hack or would you update it to another machine?  would you upgrade, or use your insurance money to get a real Mac?  I am still in shock and am not asking for anything except your advice and support during this very trying time.




information on the Camp Fire in Paradise California

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Sorry to hear about your loss, Glad you, your wife and kitties are safe.

If i were to lose my laptop i would most likely get something newer but still not apple.

Same goes for my desktop (skylake) i would most likely rebuild it but with a newer motherboard and cpu.

If you like to tinker with your hacks then build a hack, if you want less fuss (mostly) then get a real mac.

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