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How to disable pci-e lanes 2 and 3 on Asus 370-E

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Switched to Amd Vega from 1080ti so Mojave could work.

Problem is I have a few apps on windows partition that require CUDA so I still need my Nvidia Cards installed in the system.


Internal GPU on (to get preview working)

Pci-e-1 AMD

Pci-e-2 Nvidia

Pci-e-3 Nvidia


If I Boot in OSX with all cards plugged in, everything works. except system will not wake from sleep, if I disable sleep and just have monitor turn off after 10 minutes, it too will not wake.



If I physically unplug the Nvidia cards from slot 2 and 3 all works fine on the OSX partition. 


Would it be possible to write some time of patch that disables those PCI-e slots 2 and 3, so I do not have to physically pull out the cards every time I boot into OSX


Thanks for you Help




Mojave 10.4.1 and Windows 10

Asus Z370-E

Samsung NVME 970 1TB

32 GB

Vega 64


Titan Z

software used Daz 3D and Octane Render. CUDA






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all GPUs

try with full clover folder, reboot and extract new SEND_ME


use last clover version

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