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help w/ getting 4k/60hz (back) in 10.14!

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Hello friends! I need help getting my display to 4k/60hz again. Until I updated to 10.14 I had 4k/60hz working using intelgraphicsfixup + coredisplayfixup + this "KextToPatch". My prior technique has apparently been deprecated in Mojave so I've since switched to WhateverGreen. I have been struggling unsuccessfully for the last two days but haven't been able to display any resolution higher than 3840x1080. Clover menu and FileVault password entry screen are 4k resolution. 


Please help a fellow faceless internet user out! :(


my PC

Intel i5 "Haswell"
Asus Z87 board
Intel 4600 built in (no discrete video card)
Clover UEFI
FileVault2 FDE
latest MacOS, latest Clover
CSM disabled
iGPU prealloc in BIOS set to 64mb
ViewSonic 4k display connected via DP

clover config





my kexts



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Make sure you are using the most recent versions of Lilu and WhateverGreen.  If that doesn't work, you can try using IntelGraphicsFixup.  Just because it has been merged into the WhateverGreen project, doesn't mean it can't work anymore.  In my case, I have to use NvidiaGraphicsFixup with WhateverGreen if I want HDMI to work.  There hasn't been any conflicts yet using the 2 kexts together even though the readme for WhateverGreen says not to.

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