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Are DSDT and SSDT patches applied to other OSs too?

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If I don't go wrong DSDT and SSDT patches the ACPI, in order to let macOS work well on the system. So I assume that they are effective only once the OS is booting and not when Clover is running.

I was wondering if all the patches in \ACPI\patched are applied to macOS only or to whatever OS is booted up.

And by pressing F4 in the Clover screen, do I retrieve in \ACPI\origin the original ACPI config of the manufactuer or the patched one that  I'm using?


Yes, it also seems to me a stupid question, but I wouldn't like to disable my discrete GPU also on Windows.

Thanks in advance


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Patched acpi in acpi/patched are only injected to macOS

F4 will dump your oem acpi files

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