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Help me fix sleep on my MSI GV62 8RE (Coffee Lake 8750H, UHD630)


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I have CPU/GPU pm working using PluginType = True in config.plist but I cant have sleep on my laptop.

When I put it to sleep, Display goes black and after 20/30 seconds instead of sleeping it just reboots(this is with USBInjectAll.kext).

If I boot without USBInjectAll.kext, I can sometimes get it to sleep(like 3 out of 5 times) and also the same way I can sometimes get it to wake up(3 out of 5 times), other times it just reboots after waking up(stays on black screen and then reboots).

I've patched my DSDT for the basic patches told by rehabMan in his dsdt patching thread.
In BIOS, fast-boot is disabled and XHCI-handoff is enabled.
SMBIOS I'm using is MacBookPro15,2.

Please suggest me what to do.

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