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[pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.1

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I made a SSDT for my usb, 10 usb2 10 usb3, no port limit patch so only get 10/5 ports.

Some observations:

the ssdt has a port-count which I set to 20.

                Buffer (0x04)
                     0x20, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00                         

If I set the port-count to 0x14(20) I only get 10/4 WTF

If I set to 0x0f I only get 10/0 WTF

Not behaving as expected, appears hex number is taken as decimal.

Behaves same in HS

I plug usb2 into port3/4 works.

I plug usb3 into port13/14 works.

usb2 and usb3 are 10 ports apart.



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here is xcpm patch for 10.14.1 beta1

B9A00100 000F32

B9A00100 0031C0

cpuid_set_info_rdmsr (c) vit9696


B9E20000 000F30

B9E20000 009090

xcpm_idle_wrmsr (c) Pike R. Alpha


B9980100 000F32

B9980100 0031C0

xcpm_assert_rdmsr (c) Sherlocks


BE0B0000 005DE908 000000

BE0B0000 005DC390 909090

xcpm_SMT_scope_msrs (c) Pike R. Alpha




cpuid_set_info  (c) Pike R. Alpha


89D804C4 3C22

89D804XX 3C22 XX <- YOUR CPU

xcpm_bootstrap (c) Pike R. Alpha


B9990100 000F30

B9990100 009090

xcpm_assert_wrmsr (c) Sherlocks


BE030000 0031D2E8 91FCFFFF

BE030000 0031D290 90909090

xcpm_core_scope_msrs (c) Pike R. Alpha


554889E5 41574156 41554154 53504189 D64889FB 4189F54C 8D3D9C57
C39089E5 41574156 41554154 53504189 D64889FB 4189F54C 8D3D9C57
xcpm_program_msrs (c) Pike R. Alpha



BE070000 0031D2E8 AEFCFFFF

BE070000 0031D290 90909090

xcpm_pkg_scope_msrs (c) Pike R. Alpha


BE0B0000 0031D2E8 7EFCFFFF

BE0B0000 0031D290 90909090

xcpm_SMT_scope_msrs (c) Pike R. Alpha


C1E30848 63D389D0 48C1EA20 B9990100 000F3048 FF05739C 76004883 C4085B5D C30F1F40 00
B800FF00 004863D3 89D048C1 EA20B999 0100000F 3048FF05 739C7600 4883C408 5B5DC390 90

xcpm_assert_perf_max (c) PMheart



8A0284C0 7442

8A0284C0 EB42

Disable panic kext logging on 10.14 Release kernel (c) vit9696



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Just updated to macOS Mojave 10.14.1 Beta 2 (18B50c) w/o issue on my Asus A43SJ laptop.



Cuda 8.x is still running fine, now waiting for Nvidia WebDriver before Oct 13-17 bcoz Adobe CC 2019 releases are expected to be announced at Adobe Max, Los Angeles on those date. B)


Thanks to @gengik84 for new MacOS_Updater script.



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On 10/1/2018 at 4:06 PM, onemanOSX said:

But what does these do?


Thank you.

I support. A small read me file would be very helpful

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I have installed Mojave 10.14 on a Dell Vostro 460 (XPS 8300 equivalent) with a supported metal graphics card.  When I update to 10.14.1 my installation stalls at " ...USBHostResources@: AppleUSBHostResources: :allocateDownstreamBusCurrentGated: assuming successful wakeUnits 30 sleepUnits 0".  I tried using the USBInjectAll.kext and patching com.apple.driver.usb.AppleUSBXHCI using Hex patch from by PMHeart; this did not work.  Any ideas ?

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I'm about to rally me and feel like breaking this laptop! On the X-99 desktop all versions of macOS (all) always worked and made updates without any problem! But in the backward mental Lenovo laptop that worked perfect until 13.6, no version of Mojave i can install... always KP from here! :wallbash::wallbash::wallbash:


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updated to beta 2 and then login for first time successfully.


2nd power on my PC, it is stuck at IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3


anyone know how to fix. I'm using hd630 with whatevergreen kext (latest version) and ran well with beta 1.


Thank you.

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