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KernelAndKextPatches 10.13x,10.14.x,10.15.x X99

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On 5/17/2019 at 6:16 AM, jamiethemorris said:

What is the xcpm_bootstrap patch for? Is it still useful necessary? My X99 wouldn't boot with it enabled after the 10.14.5 update (Thank you pitrysha for your help!). 

try this 

				<string>_xcpm_pkg_scope_msrs © PMHeart 10.14.5</string>


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Posted (edited)
On 2/20/2019 at 3:33 PM, Pavo said:

Key thing to remember about this thread is it does not apply to you since you are using a C612 chipset not a X99 chipset. The thread is specific to X99 chipset builds.



The key thing to remember about this thread is that all of it applies to anyone with a C612.  Anything that goes for the X99, likewise goes and is applicable to the C612.  


Why?  Because the X99 and C612 are two different yield optimizations of the same chip.  They're not just the same chipset, but the same chip, down to the electrical pinout and die mask.  The X99 just has a couple features disabled to boost yield (specifically, support IPIMI/remote management and intel SPS server services).  But don't take my word for it - check for yourself - the X99 and C612 have the same datasheet.  The only distinction between them is a single SKU table that shows just how trivially different they are.  No distinction is made between them anywhere else in the datasheet.  All the same bits and registers and what have you are definitely the same :). 


Furthermore, as someone running a C612 motherboard - a Supermicro X10DAi - with dual Xeons and 56 logical cores working 100%, including power management, audio, XHCI etc. for a couple years now, I can empirically confirm that everything that applies to the X99 applies to the C612 in exactly the same way, and without exception. 


When I first discovered this, it was a bit surprising, especially given how unrelated to the two PCH names were.  But it makes sense - why bother designing an entire extra PCH for a relatively small slice of the consumer PC market (High End Desktop) when you can just use the enterprise server PCHs but with looser requirements (giving slightly better yields).  Regardless, I made the same assumption as you initially, but thankfully, all the work regarding the C612 was already done for me in the form of the work done for the X99 :).

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Posted (edited)

Hello everyone,


First post on this forum. I post here because Kernel Patches are my problem, I think.

I am clean installing Mojave on my machine (X99-UD4 5820k), vanilla style. Very happy to better understand what I am doing.


I am trying to use those Kernel Patches to get power management working. But for the moment, the best I can do is this (picture), so not very good, CPU idle @ 3Ghz.

I think maybe it's because I'm using 10.14.5, maybe I should have started with 10.14.4, maybe the patch are not up yet?

Anybody here having good results with X99 and 10.14.5?

Would you mind telling me witch patches did you use?


I'm trying to get some help from reddit too, will update if need.

Thanks a lot. :)


EDIT: trying to delete one of my 2 pictures but can't find how to do it





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trying to delete one of my 2 pictures but can't find how to do it

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Posted (edited)

Also, I don't think this is as widely known as it should be, but most (if not all) of the security updates for 10.13.6 break the EIST Performance patch.  So the patches are build specific :(.  You can check what build you're running by going to About This Mac in the Apple menu, and clicking on the version number in the window.  


Anyway, I just created a version of oskarit's patch for the latest 10.13.6 build, 17G7024.

Note: the EIST patches are the same for Broadwell and Haswell.

EIST Performance fix by Okrasit modified by metacollin for 10.13.6 build 17G7024

Comment    String  <-> EIST Performance (c) Okrasit fix by metacollin for 10.13.6 build 17G7024
Disabled   Boolean <-> No
Find       Data    <-> C1E30848 63D389D0 48C1EA20 B9990100 000F3048 FF0559AF 6B004883 C4085B5D C3662E0F 1F840000 000000
MatchOS    String  <-> 10.13.6
MatchBuild String  <-> 17G7024
Replace    Data    <-> BB00FF00 004863D3 89D048C1 EA20B999 0100000F 3048FF05 59AF6B00 4883C408 5B5DC390 90909090 909090
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Posted (edited)

Hello, metacollin


I tried to reach you out several times but I know that you're extremely busy.

So I have the same setup as you with the same CPUs and X10dai motherboard but I use Mojave 10.14.5 and Vega FE Graphic card.


Everything works fluidly expect the sleep.what's happing is my system goes to deep sleep but it restarts itself instead of resuming from the last state.

I worked with @MaLd0n to solve the sleep problems and we reached a dead end that is why I'm asking for help.

What I did:


1- I unlocked MSR registers to have native power management.

2- I mod my bios to get full NVMe support using this guide


What @MaLd0n helped me with:


1- fixing my DSDT file and added the proper patches.

2- adding my devices to the PCI list.

3- Add plug-in type in DSDT, so we can remove SSDT for pm.

4- testing all the darkwake=10 boot config. Nothing from the above worked.

*I attached my debug files using Runme.app



If you can have look in my debug files and maybe point me in what I'm missing I will be super grateful.

if you don't have the time please share with me your EFI folder and your DSDT file and the moded bios you use currently so maybe it will help me in figuring out what is the problem.

Send me Idriss-iMac-Pro.lan_2.zip

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Posted (edited)

XCPM 10.15Beta-1 updated for X99 System.

Thanks @PMheart

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Posted (edited)

XCPM 10.14.5 updated for X99 System.

Thanks to @vit9696 @PMheart.


Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 11.17.15 PM.png

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