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HP Z800 Sierra/High Sierra Problem

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I have some problems with run a macOS on mine HP Z800.

I was follow the install method what i was find here-but no works for me. 

I not add nothing more to bootable USB only the kexts from guide.Also I installed only Install boot0af in MBR and CloverEFI 64-bits SATA-NOTHING MORE I WAS ADD TO MINE USB.

I can't boot macOS without the USB.

Mine graphics card no work-its showed like a 3mb card. [I was read about mine card on forum and find some solutions, I applied them, now mine card is showed like AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series 3 MB-STILL LAGGY AND SLOW]

I have mouse and keyboard issues also.[USB mouse and keyboard] not still work in clover menu, sometimes only keyboard, sometimes mouse and sometimes no one of them.


I want make a new clean install of Sierra or High Sierra, I would appreciate some help with kexts, clover and bootable USB options. 


Mine specs are HP Z800

CPU 2x Intel Xeon Hexa core

GPU AMD FirePro w4100

Ram 48GB

SSD 128 gb


THX for helping to me and sorry for mine English I hope all of you can understand me. 

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