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Ati HD2400PRO with OSx Mavericks 10.9.1

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I succesfully installed osx 10.9.1 with chimera BL on the following configuration:

- Asrock P67 Pro3

- 8GB ram

- hd 500 sata

- i5 2500k

- video 2400pro 512MB sapphire


I used the key GraphicsEnabler=No and the video card is detected as 3MB generic with only 1024x768 resolution.

So I tried to not use the flag but the boot process hangs. I tried to modify to the info.plist textual files in ATI2000XController and ATI2400 kexts to add IOPCIMatch 0x94c31002 entries to the devices list as I read in many forums. The result is the same; with AtiConfig=Iago boot parameter the the booting process completes but the monitor shows an entire grey screen with (responding) mouse arrow. I tried to login (blindly) but no success.


Thanks in advice !

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