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Hello, I'm a noob at installing MacOS on my current PC (which is running Windows 10 x64 Pro).

Can I do a dual boot with windows 10 and MacOS Mojave? I already have windows 10 installed and I would like to put and MacOS Mojave, can it? If not, should I reinstall from 0 MacOS Mojave and after Windows 10?


P.S: I have already make a topic about "Can I run MacOS" and the export boys on the forum said to me I can run it.

Of course you can dual boot. You’ll be using Clover bootloader to install macOS and it can boot Windows too (both legacy and UEFI mode).


I personally prefer starting clean and using macOS disk utility to partition the SSD. That way, I get a GPT disk partitioned the way macOS likes (with those 128mb gaps and all). That way, you also avoid complicated repartitioning and MBR/GPT issues.

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