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I'm wondering if there's a default root password I can use to log into OSX.

After a windows update that caused a crash I'm no longer able to log into my account, my name has vanished and I'm just left with the option of other.

I've tried Root and root as user and my password without luck.

I've tried booting my osx from the installer but it still won't show my account or let me use my user name and password.

Is there any way I can get into osx or do I have to reinstall?


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Try booting into your OSX partition in single user mode and force it to create a new admin user - How to Re-Run the OS X Setup Assistant.  Afterwards, try to recover any data from your old account...


fsck -fy

mount -uw /

rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone




10 hours ago, Crabhunter said:

Seems I have no such file :( Googling it suggests a fresh install.


It is a hidden file.  Note - the name starts with a period  .AppleSetupDone



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I gave it another and got so close.

I got to the point of making a new account and I thought I'd try my old user name and password.

That failed and it said to try agian but when it went back I couldn't change anything.

I've tried rebboting and going through it all again but I think i've screwed it up well and truly now.

Time for a fresh install.

I wanted to keep this install running until the final Mojave came out.

Never mind.

Thanks for the help, it would have worked if I'd not been so stupid.

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