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Mojave DP8 on Lenovo X230

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Hello !
I've tried to update from High Sierra to Mojave but I've some problems...

I've tried a clean install ! :-)

I've used Clover (via hackintosh montreal) to install Mojave DP8.
I've installed some kexts :-) (Brcm, lilu, applealc, fakesmc, mausi, intelgraphic)
I've not a DSDT for the moment and my config.plist is not really good I think

Graphic card : OK

Processor : OK

Memory : OK

Webcam : OK


USB ports seems to be ok

My laptop is recognize like MacBook Air 13'' mid 2012.

I've installed lilu, applealc and brcm but I've not audio and bluetooth (kexts are the latest). I've added flags for lilu, applealc and brcm).

Have you some ideas to solve that? :-)

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Hi, you can post your EFI folders, I have the same laptop I'll try with Mojave, if I'm lucky I upload results.

Thank you.

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