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Bootloader with XP Hibernation support?


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Hey guys, ive been looking for a bootloader that will allow me to switch between OSes after i hibernate XP (so that i dont have to reboot the entire system everytime i want to boot into OS X).


I firstly used Acronis OS Selector, but after hibernating Windows, it boots straight back into XP..


I then tried OSL2000, it does let me choose which OS to run after XP hibernation, but unfortunately it keeps giving an HFS+ Partition Error when i try booting into MAC OS X :)


I know GRUB also allows this, but im {censored} at command line/open source, and im scared i'll mess up, lol..


Anybody know a fix for OSL2000, or a better bootloader?


Ive checked that OS X is primary and AF.. Yet, OSL gives me a HFS+ Partition error.......

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