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Lenovo Ideapad 10015-IBY laptop, too fast

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I am pretty much just getting started on Hackintosh, I have only done a Yosemite install on an ASUS and a Snow Leopard install on an MSI.


I am trying to install High Sierra (to be exact, Niresh High Sierra) and it boots fine, but my mouse was too fast, when I typed, it went from Hello to HHHHHeeeeellllllllooooooo. And the sliding animation was not present when showing a message. It was instant.


I looked everywhere on Google, and I couldn´t get a fix, and I thought, hey, I have gone to the forums before and I have gotten the right answers. So I went here thinking if someone knows what is wrong.


Processor: Intel Celeron 2840, 2.16 GHZ


Hard Drive: 500 GB

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Distros are a bad idea these days. They're just trouble. Why, because you've no idea what's been added/modified/replaced in the image or package you download. They're a nightmare to troubleshoot. Stay away from distress and opt for a full vanilla installation; you'll then be able to get some support.

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