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Hi all, so i discovered that mac can be put in normal pc aka hackintosh, and since then its driving me crazy i just want to try mac OS to see how it is cause i cant buy mac its way too expensive but i have iso from friends mac, so can anybody send me detailed instalation guide for 2018? I just want a stable version, no need for latest and im planning to just code for web development and to play 1 game which is league of legends and occasionaly watch movies. So here are my specs : mobo: biostar h81mgp2; cpu: i5 4460 3.20ghz; ram: 8gb; gpu: asus gtx 1050 2gb. What else do i need to type from spec? I dont have ssd only hdd. I got 8gb usb stick. And that's about it. Im currently using windows 10 its fast af but i want to try macOS and probably use it until i buy macbook when i start working. Thanks for reading guys.

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