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Does an A/E adapter card work in an M key slot?

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Quick question. I wanna get Wifi on my hackintosh and people have suggested a BCM94360CS2 wifi card and adapter. The motherboard i have is an asus b630I which can take m.2 socket 3, with M key 2242/2260/2280. The the only adapters i see for the wifi card is an NGFF A/E key. Can i still use this adapter?

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An A/E card/adapter won't fit into an M key slot. The M key notch is on the other side.

712217393_AE_key.jpg.9c78cd56885b25dd253f6bb06a65368c.jpg M_slot.png.518d3a110f5f671b745516eae49565a7.png


Then, according to the technical specs below, key A/E carries PCIe (x2) + USB whereas Key M only carries PCie (x2 and x4). As such, if you were able to fit the BCM94360xx into an M slot, you'd have Wifi but no Bluetooth...



So no, you cannot use those adapters in your M slot. If you've no A/E or E slot, you'll need a traditional/legacy PCIe slot to fit an adapter board; it'll also have to be linked to a USB connector on the motherboard.


There are also ready-made cards that match the chipset & features of Apple's BCM94360xx cards. Asus for instance:


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