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OSX on Celeron desktop with PCIe graphics card

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Hey guys,


Long story short: I'm building three floor wedge "desktop" computers for use in a live music application. One is to control the lights through a DMX-512 interface, one to display lyrics for the vocalist, and one to control live streaming video from a CCTV system going into a DVR, then into a video capture device, and into the computer. The guides I've found for the lights and video strongly recommend Windows, but I haven't used Windows in 10 years. I'm a Mac guy through and through, so I want my floor wedges to be Macs. I know I can get away with an Intel Atom Compute Stick in the lyrics display wedge, using Snow Leopard with an older PowerPoint. However, I can't use Snow Leopard for the lights and video. I could use old iMacs in the wedges, but they'd have to be Thunderbolt/USB3 or newer and even that is significantly more expensive than a custom build.


I know it's possible to spoof the CPU so OSX doesn't know it's a Celeron, so the main problem is the graphics card. I recently installed a GTX 960 in my DAW (Mac Pro 3,1), and in order to do it I had to first download the nVidia drivers from the website for my specific installation of OSX and install them. Is that even possible on a Celeron Hackintosh, considering the iGPU is incompatible with OSX? If so, how would one go about installing the video card for a Hackintosh? Would I have to order a (more expensive) card that's already been flashed for OSX?

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I just had a thought: I still have the 8800GT that was in the Mac Pro. Would that work out-of-the-box in the Hackintosh? I'm thinking spoof CPUID, use the old card, install the nvidia drivers, then install the new card? If that won't work, would an i3 work without any modifications? I'd rather use the Celeron because it's significantly cheaper and they're just floor wedges.

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