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Coffee Lake Intel UHD 630 Graphics issue on High Sierra 10.13.5 with i5-8400 + Asus Rox Strix H370-F

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I just finished hackintosh installation on my computer with below configuration,


CPU : Intel i5 8400


GPU : On board Intel UHD 630

RAM : 8 GB Crucial

SSD : 240 GB WD

PS : Corsair VS550W

Cabinet : Corsair 100R

OS : High Sierra 10.13.5


Everything is working fine except Graphics full acceleration, i get only 7 MB GPU.


Tried with IntelGraphicsFix, Lilu.. and other Kexts.. but nothing is working. 


Any help to get full GPU would be appreciated.



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    • By fusion71au
      Clover r4747 ISO compiled with GCC and minimal config.plist compatible for use in VMWare Workstation.
      Tested with unlocked Workstation 15 running OSX 10.9 -->10.14 guest in Windows X64 host.
      1. Download and unzip "EFI_Clover_r4747 for VMware.zip". Mount Clover-v2.4k-4747-X64 by double clicking on it.
      2. Mount your VM's EFI System Partition eg in terminal
      sudo diskutil mount disk0s1   3. Copy EFI folder from step 1 into the EFI partition
      4. Shutdown the VM, add bios.bootDelay = "3000" to your VM's vmx file
      5. Reboot your VM, press <F2> to access the VMware Boot Manager and add CLOVERX64.efi to the boot menu.
      Substitute your own unique and valid MLB and ROM variables in the /EFI/CLOVER/config.plist (Rt Variables section) to activate iMessage/Facetime on your VM.
    • By Kinspappy
      Please help with DSDT patch for Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 with i7 6700k.  This is my first hackintosh build and have done a lot of research/reading the last several days.  I went with what is supposed to be a vanilla install of High Sierra.  This was after trying to install Mojave and then realizing my video card doesn't have Nvidia web drivers for it.  Probably installed High Sierra 6 or so times trying to get it right.  Still don't have HDMI audio working, but have a DP2HDMI adapter coming in the mail.  As I understand, that is supposed to fix it.  My motherboard audio doesn't work right either.  The digital output works as well as the line out, but the headphone port does not.  I don't know about the other sound ports  My usb 3.1 port doesn't work when waking from sleep.  I am sure there are other issues that I haven't found/don't know about yet.  Attached is my runme app files.  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!!
      OS X version: High Sierra 10.13.6
      Motherboard model: Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 (revision 1.0)
      Bios version: F22m (most current)
      Processor: 4.01 GHz Intel Core i7 6700k
      Graphics: ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8191 MB
      Send me StealthDragon.zip
    • By macinsane
      Update: Now running Mojave! Thanks to mojave2core! Yeah   Still using C2D in 2019!
      Inserted a nice and cheap GT710 that is not relying on nVidias Webdrivers and runs OOB under Mojave.
      Nice, seeing High Sierra running on this old but capable system! It rocks with a new ASUS GT1030
      Gigabyte EP43-DS3L
      Core2Quad Q9300
      6 GB DDR2 RAM
      Asus GT1030 2GB
      Sandisk SSD 128GB
      TP-Link AC1200 Wifi USB
      Inateck KT4006 USB 3.0 PCIe (No boot)
      SMBIOS: iMac14,1
      Clover: 4297  4360
      A good deal of DSDT editing was necessary to get this machine to boot High Sierra but finally it works flawlessly, even sleep and wake!
      You NEED to have the DSDT put in place for installation because otherwise macOS doesn't recognize the SATA ports.
      There are a few important BIOS settings: SATA hast to be set to AHCI and "native" and HPET has to be run "64-bit", I'd recommend to disable IDE and the serial and parallel port.
      For the GT1030 nVidia Webdrivers are needed, have to boot with nv_disable=1 until you have them installed.
      You have to install Clover in legacy mode because this old fella does not support UEFI.
      Only downside: The so often recommended Inateck USB-card isn't recognized by BIOS, so you cannot boot from it. It works perfectly within macOS though, have the ac-Wifi connected to it.